Lawyer Analysis of XRP Lawsuit with the “Kik Interactive” Judgment! Lobbying, & the Tether Lawsuit!

Attorney Jeremy Hogan discusses the Tether lawsuit and the difficulties of proof, the need for the Crypto world to become active lobbyists, and finally the XRP lawsuit through the lens of the Kik Interactive, Inc. Final Judgment (Kin coin) and ends with a personal surprise. Enjoy!

πŸ”— Tether Lawsuit

πŸ”— Kik Interactive Final Judgment

πŸ”— Lawyer Updates “I’m Just a Bill” for 2021! How Does a Bill Become a Law Nowadays? SchoolHouse Rock!


πŸ”— Accredited Investors Defined


πŸ”— Lawyer Discusses the Likely Result of SEC v. Ripple and Its Effect on XRP and Other XRP Coin Issues.

πŸ”— How To Protect Crypto / Investments | Lawyer Tells You Legal Structure You Need

πŸ”— SEC vs. Ripple Lawsuit Q&A – Lawyer Answers 4 Vital Questions!

πŸ”— Lawyer Analyzes the SEC vs. Ripple / XRP Lawsuit and What the Likely Result Is.

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